Transmission Service

An automatic transmission is one of the most expensive components on a vehicle. It makes sense to protect such an investment. Most folks would like to protect their automatic transmission from damage, but the misinformation is everywhere.

That’s what Bayside Automotive Repair is all about – helping you get the most out of your car, for as long as you own it.
Automatic Transmission Operation
In normal operation automatic transmissions generate heat and some debris. Most of the debris comes from wearing on gears and bushings. This material circulates with the automatic transmission fluid, until we remove it with the automatic transmission filter. In time the debris may block the pores in the filter. This restricts the flow of automatic transmission fluid and can damage the automatic transmission. A proper automatic transmission service will greatly reduce the chance of such a problem.
Torque converter Lockup
To lessen heat buildup and help prevent energy loss, torque converters today, have a lock-up feature. This means once the vehicle is in motion, a clutch, activated by the computer, "locks" the converter and stops the slipping. They accomplish this using fluid pressure and a clutch built into the torque converter. When we attempt to stop the vehicle, the computer releases the torque converter clutch. Releasing the clutch allows the torque converter to slip when the vehicle stops.
Automatic Transmission Fluid Color
Heat causes automatic transmission fluid to darken in color. Darkening of automatic transmission fluid is normal and this alone does not mean the fluid is bad. With more heat, the automatic transmission may be damaged. This is why they equip most vehicles with an automatic transmission cooler. The cooler helps eliminate excess heat and reduces automatic transmission wear.
Automatic Transmission Filters

Automatic transmission filters are designed somewhat like a sock. That is, fluid enters the neck of the "sock" and flows out through the fabric. The pores in the fabric are small enough to trap debris yet large enough for fluid to pass. Once inside the filter the debris is trapped and will not escape.
Automatic Transmission Service
The automatic transmission fluid and filter help lubricate, cool and clean internal components of the transmission.
  • Drain the Transmission Fluid
  • (Automatic Only) Install New Ppan Gasket and Ffilter (if replacable)
  • Add the Proper Type and Quantity of Oil/Fluid for your Transmission
  • Check for Leaks
  • Test Drive the your Vehicle.
Our Recommendation
A conservative rule of thumb is that your car should get a transmission fluid service about every 40,000 miles. If you notice any fluid underneath the car, get it inspected as soon as you can. Changing your transmission’s fluid regularly will greatly extend the service life of your vehicle’s transmission.