Headlamp and Tail Lights

Here at Bayside Automotive Repair in Safety Harbor we’ll replace your vehicle’s headlights, sealed beam or LED lights, or turn signal, brake, hazard, and bulbs as needed.

We at Bayside Automotive Repair in Safety Harbor, recommend that you walking around your vehicle with the lights on to check for any burnt out headlight, brake, fog and hi-beam bulbs and replace them immediately. For improved visibility, it’s also a good idea to have a headlight restoration performed. This service package will restore dull, cloudy, yellowed headlights.

Over time, car headlamps (headlights) burn out and the headlamps electrical system ages over time. It is important to check and clean your car headlamps. It is unsafe to drive your vehicle if one of your headlamps is burned out, or if your view of the road is impaired by a fading car headlamps.

That’s what Bayside Automotive Repair is all about – helping you get the most out of your car, for as long as you own it.

Headlight Restoration Service
Headlight staining, yellowing and contamination can be caused by oxidation from salt, UV rays and humidity and results in dull and hazy headlights. While you can perform your own headlight restoration, you might prefer to leave this service to the professionals. Restoring your headlights takes time and patience and, if not properly executed, can scratch your vehicle.

Headlight Restoration Service Package
  • Quality Service Performed by Bayside Automotive Repair
  • Diminishment of Oxidized Build up and Staining
  • Package Options to Meet Any Need and Budget
  • Cleans Discolored, Foggy Headlights
  • The Latest Products and Techniques
  • Restored Clarity to Headlights
  • Better Headlight Function
What is Headlight Restoration?
Basically, It means restoring your plastic headlights to their former glory, getting them back to the way they were when you bought the car, when they were clear and easily able to get their job done. Most modern vehicles use the plastic casings, as they're more affordable and still get the job done. They are prone to aging.

In the past, the only way to fix cloudy, yellowed lights was to replace the entire light assembly, which is very costly. The Headlight Cleaning Service helps remove the haze and clarify the lenses, bringing sparkle back to your headlights. Results are immediate, with improved lighting and enhancing the overall appearance of your vehicle.