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Exhaust System & Muffler Repair

Exhaust System & Catalytic Converter Repair

Replacing exhaust parts that are broken, or malfunctioning

Climate and normal road conditions can damage, break, or wear out exhaust components over time. Maintaining your muffler and exhaust system not only helps to minimize engine noise, it helps protect you and others from dangerous carbon monoxide and/or carbon dioxide fumes and helps reduce pollutants released into the atmosphere. Your emissions system.

Repairing Your Exhausts System

Exhaust Catalytic Converters Manifold & Replacement Services

Our Exhaust Services includes:
  • Inspection and estimates
  • Standard muffler and pipe replacement
  • Performance and custom exhaust work
  • Catalytic converter replacement

Catalytic Converters:
Catalytic converters help improve air quality by reducing harmful exhaust emissions coming out of your engine. If a catalytic converter needs replacing, one of the problems below most likely contributed to its failure.
  • Engine tune-up required
  • Excess fuel entering the exhaust
  • Oil or antifreeze entering the exhaust
  • Deteriorated spark plug or plug wirest
  • Oxygen sensor not functioning properly
  • Road damage or broken hangers

Catalytic Converters are completely dependent on a properly tuned engine. Before replacement is done, please have a complete engine diagnostic test to ensure all other engine components are functioning properly.