Auto Battery Service

In today’s vehicles, the battery works even when your engine is off, powering electronic components like your vehicle’s computer, digital radio, alarm, clock, and even windows and door locks. Remember to have regular car battery inspections and services performed regularly, to save you both time and money.

At Bayside Automotive Repair we can test your car battery, replace it if necessary, and provide you with the comfort that comes with knowing your car will start when you need it to.

If your car won’t start, the car battery isn’t the only suspect. The starter, alternator, and spark plugs can also be trouble spots.

Bayside Automotive Repair your neighbor in Safety harbor, we can evaluate any starting and electrical issues you experience and repair or replace the parts causing problems.
Car Battery Maintenance
How to maintain a car battery
It's a good idea to have your car's entire charging system checked once a year, especially after your battery is more than two years old if you live in a warm climate or four years old if you live in a cold climate. This includes the alternator, voltage regulator, belts, and connecting cables. Of course, don't wait until a year is up if you notice potential signs of weakness such as hesitant start-up.

Between routine servicing, we can check to make sure the cables and terminals are snug and retighten as necessary for good contact. If your connections are dirty or showing a lot of corrosion, we will disconnect and clean them with a wire brush or cleaning tool.

Finally, if the vehicle is going to be parked or stored for an extended period of time, you may want to consider investing in a trickle charger to keep it charged.

Inside Car Batteries

The vast majority of car batteries are part of the lead-acid battery group, where they fall into the SLI category. SLI stands for ‘starting – lightingignition’ – a reference to what the device is responsible for within a vehicle; in other words, it not only powers the car’s starter motor but the ignition and lighting systems too.

If you have a question, require further information, at Bayside Automotive Repair we make all efforts to answer your questions?